Thanks to our partnership with Lowe's and their rebate program, customers have the ability to get a FREE estimate!

Estimate Service

Every successful project begins with an Accurate Estimate. In addition to offering home plans, our core group of staff members also own and manage an estimating service that is highly accurate and cost efficient. As one of the largest estimating services of our kind in the country, we hold accounts from the national, regional, and local levels. The vast majority of our customers are repeat business who have been with us for many years.

By creating our own custom, proprietary software, we have the ability to be fast, flexible, accurate, and efficient in ANY region, or with any building style across the country, no matter what the local code or building style.

As an added incentive, we have a strong partnership with Lowe's that has allowed our customers to get FREE estimates by taking advantage of their incredible rebate program. To learn more, click the button below.